Old World Techniques explained

Our Mission
The techniques explained below are just some of the many ways we construct our projects. Each project we do calls for different techniques to ensure the best construction for the design of the piece.

Hand Carving:

Mallet and chisel are the fundamentals of hand crafting. From sketch to finished piece we create delicately carved doors and details one stroke of a sharp blade at a time.

Hand Planing:

Provides subtleties brought out by light. Old world charm reflects from the minute hills and valleys, creating a surface that no machine can match.

Pinned Mortise and Tenon:

The integrity and strength of the pinned mortise and tenon has been around for hundreds of years. The aesthetics and soundness of this joint are undeniable.

Hand Finishing:

Our finishes have a depth and character that can only be achieved by hand. Light plays off of the subtle variations of shade and texture. Steel wool and wax rubbed finish begs to be touched.